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Thursday, 6 June 2019

James Basdanis "Anatolian Trio" - Malatya Live (Laco Tayfa Cover)

James Basdanis "Anatolian Trio"
Malatya Live (Laco Tayfa Cover)
G.Memos (drums) | A.Botsios (Bass)

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Anatolian Modes by James Basdanis

The Most Famous Eastern and Greek Scales explained and analyzed on Modal Theory 

Learn New "Exotic" Scales: Hijaz, Hijazacar, Sabah, Nycriz, Nihavent and more...analyzed on Jazz Modes...

Tablatures (for Guitar)
Practice Exercises
Chord Progressions for improvisation

Anatolian Modes is a book that teaches you exciting new ways and ideas 

to approach your music.

Programmed to Rock [PTR] - I Prosefchi tou Magka

Single: I Prosefchi tou Magka (thee mou megalodyname)

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