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James Basdanis introducing a brand new release, Kaemos.

A strong combination of jazz sophistication, rock intensity, and fusion experiments.

James Basdanis is a recording artist with a focus on creating lush melodies with astonishing textures and great production aesthetics. His music blurs the lines between world, jazz, and rock, and his vision is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

His most recent album release, Kaemos, is actually a really great example of what I am talking about. The record effortlessly blurs the lines between different genres and musical ideas, approaching creativity in a very modern way. After all, genre definitions don’t really make much sense in this day and age, as the audience is more open to listening to music, regardless of its definition! In much the same way, artists like James Basdanis are able to reach out to the audience on a greater scale, giving them an experience that’s as diverse as ever.

I would definitely recommend listening to this track if you are a fan of artists such as Asaf Avidan, Laco Tayfa, as well as Ibrahim Mallouf, just to mention a few. This is a very kaleidoscopic release, with a lot of heart and soul thrown into the mix.

Find out more about James Basdanis and don’t miss out on this release, as well as other music from the artist.