Dimitris "James" Basdanis

Birth Date: 07/01/1988
Birth Place: Volos

Musician, Songwriter and Guitar Instructor

Founding  member of  the bands Stichovoli (greek: Στιχόβολη) and Programmed to Rock (PTR) and member of the band Schema.

He has been a member as Guitarist of many projects and bands. He counts over 500 live concerts / appearances in Greece and Australia, as  well as several recordings (Discography).
In recent years he is dedicated to his project "Anatolian Trio" (instrumental World-Jazz Prog-Rock). He has been on stage with Thanos Anestopoulos (Diafana Krina), Jacques Stephanou, Norma The Band, Cabaret Balkan and others.

He has studied Mathematics in the University of Ioannina and has been taught theory of classical music and electric guitar by his good friend and collaborator Stathis Chouliaris.

He has been taught on-line and passed the Jazz improvisation cource by the instructor of Berklee College of Music Gary Burton (Certified Course:  Jazz Improvisation ).

He holds the " Diploma in Music" and  "Diploma in Guitar" courses  of the  Shaw Academy (CPD) .

he has attended the seminar "Pedagogy and Methodology in Teaching Musical Instruments" by Professors Helena Södermann and Konstantinos Prodromou of the Music Pedagogical Institute of Stockholm (SMI) .

Since August 2017 he has been teaching Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Improvisation and Live Group Workshops in the Modern Department of  Music School "Konstantinos Leontaris" (KLMS) [Ioannina, Greece].

He is member of the Global Music Teachers Community MGRmusic.

He has written and published two instructional books for the guitar (Books).

Endorsements: Bulk Strings (since 2012, custom Electric Guitar Strings Set).