Listen Kaemos 
[2021] Echographia [EP, (JBMusic &] DIGITAL
[2020] Diddycoy [EP, JBMusic] DIGITAL / CD AUDIO
[2019] Kaemos [LP, JBMusic] DIGITALCD AUDIO


The Lover (OST) [2019, Ekfrasi Theater]
Lacrimosa Blue [2016, MusicKickUp]

Theater / Radio / Film Soundtracks 

[T] Original Music and Songs for "Cinderella" 
(Production: Theatriki Sympaignia 2021)
[F] "Echographia" Mini Music Documentary
(Production: JBMusic / Publisher: Soundcheck Vlog ( 2021)
[T] Original Music Composer for Harold Pinter's "The Lover"
(Production: Ekfrasi Theater 2019)
[T] Composer Soundtrack for puppet show "Ma...Gyrevontas"
(Production: Antrala Puppet Theater 2017)
[R] Composer of the Radio Intro Theme for the Show "Akou Na Deis" Giga FM 105.4 (2021)
[R] Composer of the Radio Main Music Theme En Plo 89,2 Radio (2016)

 * [T] = Theater, [R] = Radio, [F]= Film

Bands / Projects

[G | C | A] Stagones tis Vrochis (jacart, 2020, JBMusic[tba]
[G | C | A] Stichovoli (Stichovoli, 2015, Music Mirror) [LP]
[G | C | A] I Proseychi tou Magka (Programmed to Rock, 2017, PTR[Single]
[G | C | A] I Volta (Stichovoli, 2014, Music Mirror[Single]
[G | C | A] Tis Omorfias to Ayio (A. Souris, 2014, Music Shots[EP]
[G | C] Tou Anemou Chadi (A. Souris, 2017, Music Shots[LP]
[G] Always Tick - Tock (Schema, 2015, Rana Records[LP]
[G] Broken Angels (Schema, 2014, Rana Records[Single]
[G] Glykos Pirasmos (E.G / Kiss me if you can, 2009, UndergroundTapes[LP]
[G] Fuzzy Nerds are Dead (Schema / Death Drive, 2014, NoisyLand[LP]
[G] Happy New Fear (Stathis Chouliaris, 2019, Rana Records[Single]

 * [G] = Guitarist, [C] = Composer, [A] = Arranger