James Basdanis - "Cosmos n' Duniyas" 2022

The latest offering by guitarist James Basdanis is a melting of all kinds of Mediterranean influences from Greek to Arab. The title itself - Cosmos 'n' Duniyas - reveals this potpourri, since it is a mix of English and Arabic words meaning "worlds." The 10 tracks show Basdanis has expressive ideas in the structured idiom of these musical forms, and his ensemble backs him with solid playing throughout. Basdanis is no shredder, but gets inside the vibe of the music to the core and each song carries simple weight that reaches his listeners. A couple favorite tracks - "Blues Mediterrano" which slinks along in a well-seated groove; and "Firtina", which is the longest cut on the record, drones in an almost hypnotic way with interplay between Basdanis' guitars and clarinet. Nice music for enjoying a sunny afternoon with no agenda and a cool Ouzo. 

Source: Minor7th.com © Kirk Albrecht